Rajamouli's shocking plan for next cinema

Rajamouli’s shocking plan for next cinema

Rajamouli’s Shocking Plan For Next Cinema:

At last, Rajamouli has detached regarding his next film. His next film won’t have VFX-orientation. chatting with TV9, leading Telugu news channel, the highest director aforementioned his next drama wouldn’t place stress on the visual effects. he’s fashionable in Asian country for creating movies with high-end graphics.

S S Rajamouli’s last film ‘Baahubali 2’ smashed all records in Asian country. The flick collected a gross of nearly Rs 1680 metallic element worldwide, so changing into the second highest grossing Indian flick ever when ‘Dangal’.

Recently reports came in this he would direct a small-budgeted film as his next. to the present question, Rajamouli replied: “Not true. it’ll not have orientation of visual-effects. simply because there will not be visual effects, it does not imply that it’s getting to be atiny low film. It are often big-budgeted flick sans vfx.”

When asked regarding, that hero would act during this flick, Rajamouli came up with answer that he not nevertheless determined regarding this. “I told my father to put in writing a story that has additional stress on emotional core. Emotions have perpetually been our strength. Once he is through with it, rest are determined,” he place rest to all or any the speculations regarding casting.

Rajamouli is back in Asian country. His father Vijayendra Prasad writes stories for his movies.

Watch Rajamouli’s Shocking Plan For Next Cinema:


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