Pove Pora Full Episode 2

Pove Pora Full Episode 2 | 27th July 2017 | ETV Plus

Pove Pora Full Episode 2:

Pove Pora Full Episode 2ETV Telugu, that gives shows like Padutha Teeyaga, Jabardasth, further Jabadasth and Manasu Mamatha, will presently get on the market to North American nation subscribers to the video-on-demand (VOD) and live TV service.

“[ETV Telugu’s] diversion content has been victorious in inserting the proper chord with the users which we have a tendency to unit happy to make constant on the market inside the North American nation markets,” aforesaid Uday Reddy, founder & executive, YuppTV.

Pove Pora Full Episode 2

“It is to boot exciting for North American nation to introduce inside the North American nation market different channels like ETV Life, ETV Plus, ETV Cinema and ETV Abhiruchi. we’ve a bent to any anticipate to a semipermanent association with channels and would invariably arrange to surprise our users with any such taking part and fun associations.”

ETV Network executive K Bapineedu added: “We have enjoyed our association with YuppTV for a second presently. the selection to travel exclusive on our partnership with the platform was taken as a results of the positive response, notably inside the North American nation market.

“Our diversion shows became well-liked over the time inside the Indian expat community settled inside the North American nation. we’ve a bent to any anticipate to enhancing the reach of our diversion content via the unbelievable penetration and recognition of YuppTV.”

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