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Ninnu Kori Movie Review:

Indian movies have time and once more revised the ‘boy meets girl’ love plot introducing new twists and plots, some convincingly bridging the gap between the reel and real lives and a few falling flat.. Vanilla love stories concerned plots wherever the boy & the woman persuade the fogeys opposing their love. then we have a tendency to got love stories with somewhat of tragedy thrown in. then we’ve got the love stories wherever the woman is 0.5 thanks to obtaining married, before industrial parts kick-in in gloss of the couple eloping before the only too binding wedding knot is tied. then we have a tendency to got those love stories wherever the boy continues his efforts to woo the fogeys of the married woman, eventually convincing everybody that the couple belong to every alternative. notwithstanding the ‘twist within the love story’, a refined note within the love stories is that once in true love, the boy/girl powerfully believe that their lover is best wanted by them, their love usually equaling or surpassing even the fogeys love and most positively superior to any love that the significant other might supply. With a full bunch of films underlining this viewpoint, it’s not uncommon that the youth of these days powerfully come back to believe this to be true in their lives still. Such is that the result of films in our lives these days. So, however true may be a lover’s article of faith that his/her love isn’t their happiest while not them in their life? Or is it simply AN illusion fortified by the many pictures? ‘Ninnu Kori’ movie addresses this viewpoint, (you guessed it) with somewhat of twist thrown in. and maybe it will likened to validating/refuting this belief – one thing which may get the audience thinking.

Story :

Uma Maheshwara Rao (Nani) and Pallavi (Nivetha) square measure the boy and woman during this romance. A well balanced love, one thing that might have progressed into happy wedding. however life happens and Uma relocates to Delhi on a career chance against Pallavi’s desires. Pallavi’s folks perform their parental duty checking out the proper groom, the NRI Arun (Aadi Pinisetty). Unwilling to disrupt Uma’s career goals, Pallavi marries Arun and moves to Bay space, USA. Our boy, Uma dons the role of Devadasu, seeking the corporate of alcohol. Eventually fate intervenes and Uma lands employment in la, USA. At this time the story moves forward predictably, as Pallavi returning to grasp of Uma’s addiction, tries her best to persuade him to prevent longing for her and obtain on along with his life. In spite of her makes an attempt, Uma continues to believe that she is sad together with her married life; however will she be her happiest once she isn’t with him – the one WHO loves her the foremost. At this time, the picture takes a remarkable flip with Pallavi and Arun attractive Uma to measure with them for many days. Rather scandalizing, however well even because the picture moves forward. So, was Pallavi very pleased with her married life or was Uma’s grief validated?

Analysis :

Adult female Director Shiva Nirvana succeeded in delivering a clean film. ‘Ninnu Kori’ may be a elegant film with a slow paced half and a apace progressed last half. the primary 0.5 may have showcased higher love scenes between Uma and Pallavi. the remainder of the film feels sensible enough with wealthy flow of emotions. sturdy dialogues, melodious songs, wealthy visuals comprising of 65-70% of the film within the USA add up to form a decent picture. The songs ‘Unnattundi Gunde…’, ‘Adigaaa Adigaa…’ square measure pleasing. Kona Venkat’s scored when a protracted time with an ideal book. Prawin Pudi’s writing is crisp as he expeditiously cut the picture run time to 2hrs fifteen minutes whereas keeping along the picture integrity. Gopi Sundar’s music may be a good partner to the picture theme. sensible production values from DVV Entertainments and Kona Filem Corporation. Performances : established another time is that the incontrovertible fact that, choosing the proper stories comes naturally for the ‘Natural Star’ Nani. His performance during this picture is prime notch, the climax scene positively a career highlight. His comic temporal order and therefore the emotional scenes square measure good. the feminine lead, Nivetha Thomas, is AN plus to the present picture. Her ability to portray the emotions via her eyes square measure and purpose, one thing which will not go forgotten during this picture. Aadi Pinisetty bagged an honest role with obtaining delegated because the ‘heroine’s husband’. Murali Sharma, Prudhvi did well in their roles as Pallavi’s members of the family.

Positives :

Nani, Nivetha’s glorious performances. · Rather slick and stylish story line. · sturdy last half. · sensible climax. · straightforward & light-weight narration

Negatives :

Slow paced, mediocre half. finding : ‘Ninnu Kori’ may be a excellent look ahead to the families. picture ought to move in Overseas and A centers. one more success for actor Nani.

Ninnu Kori Movie Cast & Crew:

Starting – Nani as Uma, Nivetha Thomas as Pallavi, Aadhi Pinisetty as Arun, Murali Sharma as Pallavi’s father, Tanikella Bharani, Balireddy Pruthviraj,

Music – Gopi Sunder

Produced – DVV Danayya

Release date – July 7, 2017

Ninnu Kori Movie Rating:

NayaMovieHub Rating – 3/5

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